B&T AG (formerly known as Brügger & Thomet AG) is a privately owned company located in Thun Switzerland that specializes in the production of small arms, sound suppressors, weapon upgrades systems and accessories. With its current product range, the company meets the needs of many police agencies, intelligence services, military units and special units the world over. Since its foundation in 1991, B&T’s guiding principle has been innovative product development driven by close contact with the end-user. Behind this development is an efficient production capacity to manufacture and fill all orders in a timely and efficient manner regardless of size. This capacity combines both the highest quality material and exacting precision. This comes as second nature in Switzerland. Gun Stocks For Sal Online

Specialties from Switzerland:
The B&T gun range

The weapon portfolio from B&T is consistently geared to the needs of the police and authorities.

The following list helps with orientation in the system.

Muffled Shot:
Suppressor and Signature Suppressor

B&T has been manufacturing silencers for various types of guns since 1991 . The range extends from silencers for air rifles to models in caliber .50 / 12.7mm for long-range precision rifles. B&T develops and manufactures: silencers for handguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns and hunting rifles – as well as accessories for silencers. Sage EBR Chassis Stocks For Sale

Silencer development is always focused on gun type and caliber. The decisive question is where the silencer is used: A silencer for a machine gun that is fired continuously is made of different materials and has a different structure than a silencer for a hunting rifle. Muffler development is always a physical conflict of objectives between dimension, weight, stability and damping performance – thus a question of prioritization by the customer in relation to the intended use. |  kaws moonrocks

The term signature damper goes beyond the muffled sound – and typically describes damper solutions for special units that not only have to dampen the sound, but also the muzzle flash. For this special case, this expands the conflicting goals of the damper construction (between dimension, weight, stability and damping performance) by another, the fifth component: the damping of the light. Especially with shorter barrels and at night, not only does the muzzle blast reveal the location of the shooter, but also the muzzle flash caused by burning powder particles. At night, the muzzle flash also blinds the shooter when looking through the fire – even when hunting – and is therefore consistently included in the development of silencers at B&T. ar-15 parts online.

B&T as a system supplier: Accessories à la carte

The system is more than the sum of its parts: B&T perfectly matches accessories to the weapon . Swiss precision and a lot of experience ensure that all interfaces, quality and handling are right. With this accessory, the weapon can be perfectly equipped for the purpose of use .

The B&T range of accessories was developed together with practitioners. We manufacture ourselves or source parts that we ourselves believe in from the ranges of experienced brand manufacturers.

On request, B&T can supply government customers with fully coordinated product packages including accessories . In addition to classic accessories (handles, case catcher bags, magazines, shoulder rests and bipods), this also includes optics (red dot sights, telescopic sights), containers for transporting weapons (bags, cases) and electronic equipment through to tactical clothing.